The verdict on Windows 8

Microsoft makes an aggressive, forward-thinking, and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8, and vast security and speed improvements more than justify the $40 upgrade price.

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Insanely Awesome HALO 4 trailer produced by none other than David Fincher

I am always awestruck at how much information can be conveyed with a simple infograph. I mean, you could spend hours or more searching for the stuff you need (actually that’s what the people behind infographs are doing, no doubt) or you could get it all wrapped nicely in an infograph.

The latest one I discovered is about the state of Education around the Globe. Something I was always curious about but too lazy to do the research (lack of time is also presend, but like my sensei used to say, there’s no such thing as I can’t do it, just I don’t want to).

So, kudos to the teachers who deserve it and to all the students as well.


Seems 2011 was a busy year. It had a promising start but then it fizzled a little by the end of summer, only to go all the way downhill in the last part. Nah, just kidding ;) It was a great year from a tech nerd’s point of view.

And here are the main stories of the year.

Top Tech Trends of 2011

A great infograph showing us all the right (and wrong) steps Microsoft and Apple did from back in the day up until now.

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